Our Special Kids’ Indoor Play Area Has Flooring and More!

Inside: Read the latest updates in our special kids’ indoor play area- new flooring and the sensory path!

Teacher Bing: Okay kids, let’s line up so we can go to our play therapy area.

Teacher Law: We will have fun!

Teacher Nots: Small kids first, then big kids. Are we all ready?

Special kids: Yeheey, we will play basketball and games!

It was that day of the week when all the special kids came together to bond as a group. On other days, they go to classes individually or in small groups to maximize their learning.

What made this day quite exciting?

New Flooring

Yes, we had installed tiles for our flooring.

Look at how our installers did their job.

Indoor play area floor tiling

Indoor play area floor tiling

Previously, we planned on just putting rubber mats above the cemented floor to minimize accidents, but our teachers observed that there was lots of dust in the area, so we decided to install tiles.

On October 20, 2023, the whole floors of our indoor play area were finally tiled.

See how they look now. So clean and shiny.

Indoor play area-now tiled

We still plan on putting rubber mats above the tiles. Hopefully, this will be done next month after we purchase more mats to fully cover the floor. We only have a few for now.

Watch the full video of the blessing and formal opening!


HELP us if You Can

We are so happy that we started this project almost 7 years ago in 2017 and slowly, we have been building it.

With your help through our fundraising efforts, finances have been covered.

We still need your support. We still need rubber mats and other sensory materials to be installed on the walls.

Our assistance for our special kids will be ongoing, as well, after we are done with this indoor play area.

Please donate through our GoFundMe page here.

Previous other PROJECTS

I also want to update you on other projects that we did for our special kids.

Here we go.

All the kids had assessments done virtually by Dr Bernice Louise Ho-Jao, a Neuro-Developmental Pediatrician, in June 2021, where we sponsored the fees of 15 special children.

These assessments helped the teachers on how they approached the kids in teaching them and the parents, likewise on how to support their kids.

In February 2023, we also did repairs to the leaking roof of the indoor play area, plus installation of gutters.

Indoor play area-gutter installation

Before installation of gutters

Indoor play area-after installation of gutters

After installation of gutters

Indoor Play area-repair of roofs

The repaired leaking roof

Your help in all these projects has been put to good use 100% of the time.

Please donate through our GoFundMe page here. for additional funds for our rubber mats and other sensory toys to be hung in the walls.

Indoor play area-floor rubber mats

We need to buy more rubber mats like these so all the tiled floors will be covered. This is to avoid hard falls for our special students.

After we were done with tiling the floor, we moved on outside, thus….

The Sensory Path is now Built!

We started this project in November 2023.

Sensory pathway leading to the indoor play area

And after a few days, we were done with the sensory pathway.

Sensory pathway leading to the indoor play area

Painting was done and flowers were planted on the flower boxes.

Sensory pathway for special kids

For sure, our special kids will have fun, stepping on the stones, grass and other sensory materials as they go inside our indoor play area.

Sensory pathway for special kids

Inside the PLAY Area

Additional work was done inside the play area, after the sensory path.

Indoor play area-electrical wirings

Electrical wiring connections were done, so they could have electric fans to beat the very warm and humid temperature inside.

Indoor play area

One Day Fun with other Kids!

On that Friday, the special needs teachers, brought their students inside the indoor play area for some fun.

All special kids-big and small.

The teachers wanted them together inside, thus they look crowded, but on days that they come to school individually or in small groups, they can play all they want in their play area.

Watching TV shows in the indoor play area

Some kids watched their favorite cartoons on the television.

Basketball at the indoor play area

The big kids played basketball in a one-sided ring.

Looking Back

Almost seven years ago, we started from the vacant lot at the back of the resource room.

Indoor play area-vacant lot

Read the start of the project here.

Indoor play area for special kids

Look at the initial work that we did! We have gone a long way, indeed!

Our first fundraising started as a Go fund Me Page during my birthday in 2017.

Your donations are still welcome to finish our project and for upcoming projects for our special kids. One-time donations or monthly donations are most welcome. Please email admin@panggataikaw.com to inquire about monthly donations.

We also did small and big fundraisings in the following years.

Read these posts for more information:

How Best to Share your Blessings and Experience Pure Joy like No Other! I celebrated my birthday and invited donors to give gifts to our special kids for this project.

The Christmas show – our special kids in action! The special kids showed their talents in dancing, singing, fashion show, and pantomime.

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Thank YOU!

I would like to thank our generous donors since the beginning and our special needs teachers, Ma’am Bing, Sir Law and Sir Nots with the guidance of the Romblon East Central School ( RECS ) principal, Madame Tess Famorcan.

This project is wholeheartedly dedicated to our students enrolled in the Special Needs Program of the Romblon East Central School in Romblon, Philippines.

Through the guidance of our dedicated teachers, these children can learn to read and write, be independent and productive, and also able to learn to socialize with their peers and other people in the community.

They can be the best version of themselves.

The indoor play area that we have built for them helps them develop motor and social skills.

Every Friday they will look forward to playing in groups and every day, they can play on their own or with their small groups.

Celebrate our Special Kids

Each one of us has the responsibility to embrace the uniqueness of our special children and to applaud their development and achievements.

There are no small accomplishments, only BIG victories.

They do excel in their specific capabilities.

Let’s celebrate all their milestones.

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8 thoughts on “Our Special Kids’ Indoor Play Area Has Flooring and More!”

  1. Hey thanks for this post!
    I enjoyed reading this post, it is great to see such an amazing thing to be done for those children who require extra assistance. I myself like looking at the progress of a project from start to finish, it just shows how far you have come!
    you are doing great, keep up the awesome work!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  2. Hey Marita, 

    Actually, I have to tell you that your topic has touched my heart because it was crafted around the most precious gems in our lives: “Our kids with special needs.” The page you shared provides an in-depth look at creating an indoor play area specifically designed for children with special needs. This initiative is heartwarming and necessary, as it demonstrates a deep understanding of these children’s distinct needs and pleasures. The project’s emphasis on safety and sensory-friendly environments is especially commendable, as it ensures not only physical safety but also the sensory experiences of the children, which can significantly impact their comfort and enjoyment. Through attention to detail in flooring, sensory paths, and overall design, the project exemplifies a commitment to creating a space where children with special needs can thrive, play, and learn in an environment tailored to their needs. It serves as a beautiful example of inclusivity and care in action. Thanks for this post and for your kind consideration of this issue.

    • Hi Sara,

      Our children with special needs really are precious gems and need an environment where they can be safe and where they can develop to the best that they can be, including their motor and sensory skills.

      This indoor play area that we built for them has safety concerns as foremost in our mind.

      Thank you for your nice words.

      God bless,


  3. I love the idea of a kids indoor play area with special flooring! It’s so important to ensure that children have a safe and comfortable space to play in. I’m curious to know if the special flooring in this play area is easy to clean and maintain? Keeping hygiene in mind, what measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness of the play area, especially with so many children using it on a daily basis?

    • Hi Ronald,

      Yes, the flooring is easy to clean with daily sweeping and maybe weekly scrubbing with a wet rug. Eventually, we will put those rubber mats above the tiles for safety of the kids and the hygiene protocol will remain.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. What a fantastic cause!!! I personally have seen the difference this type of thing makes to kids who need the sensory and special needs and the fact you have persevered and made this happen for those kids is an absolutely fantastic effort!! Hopefully you get all the continued funding you need for such a great project!! I will be sharing this!!

    Keep up the fantastic work your doing!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your nice comments. 

      Yes, we really hope there will be more donors and supporters for our cause.

      God bless,



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