About Special Kids

Special education for children with special needs is vital for their development The Special Education Program for children with special needs provide them with skills and knowledge to become part of the normal society.

Welcome to Pangga ta Ikaw, where we celebrate the children with special needs, who have the capability to achieve their fullest potential through special education, therapies and support from family, friends and caregivers, and of course, the whole community.

This website is all about special kids, where we showcase their stories, their families, special education teachers and assistants, therapists, tutors and caregivers.

Sometimes we may have a hard time understanding their behaviour or how they act, but rest assured, they always appreciate our unconditional love and acceptance.

After all, they are angels in our midst.

Pangga ta Ikaw is likewise an endeavour to help  special kids in a small town in the Philippines, develop their fullest potential through  special education.

We support these children by providing school supplies, transportation needs, and at present, we are in the process of building a mini-therapy area for them to maximize their social and mobility skills.

We are a non-profit group who thrive on donations. Please consider helping out in our present project, the mini-therapy area.

Visit our Go fund me page here.

Pangga ta ikaw and the special kids appreciate your big hearts.

Your financial help will go a long way in giving these children with special needs the place to enjoy and enhance their social and motor skills to let them develop the best that they can be.

Aside from promoting special education for the children with special needs, Pangga ta Ikaw hopes to let everyone know that these special kids need our love and support.

They may develop slowly and have incapacities, but like all children, they also feel sad, happy and excited to share their achievements.

And they can develop to be the best that they can be!

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As mentioned above, here at Pangga ta Ikaw, we also honor our special needs parents and their families for their care and offer of unconditional love to their special kids. We know that without their wholehearted support, our special kids will not grow and develop to be the best that they can be.

As well, we feature stories and interviews of Special Education teachers, therapists, tutors and their assistants because with their timely support our special needs children will be able to hone their skills and become independent and productive members of the community.

Let us all offer support, understanding and love for our special kids.

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