How To Enjoy Spring Break ( Ten Activities Which Will Get Everyone Excited )

Starting next week for three weeks, our kids in school here in our city will have their spring break. Maybe in your area, your kids have started their spring break or school have been cancelled?

Fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it, this extended school break is due to the scary COVID-19 pandemic., which has started to hit our place.

Our  kids for sure are happy and excited for this three weeks that they’re off from school which will bring them lots of excitement, including our special kids. 


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These are the weeks that they can sleep later than usual and wake up later as well.Three weeks of no homework, no time set for bedtime and waking up, nor studying for exams.

So, have you planned on how to enjoy spring break with your kids who will be out of school for three weeks? 

If you have vacation days, you might want to apply for vacation, too, so you have lots of time to bond as a family.

This is like mini-summer, even if it’s only three weeks, if you plan to make the most of it, it’s all worth it.

Skip the laundry and ignore the mess in your home. Just go and do fun things with your family and your special child.

There is no better time than bonding as a family by doing any or all of the following fun activities.

Just some reminders, because we don’t want our kids and the whole family to be exposed and get infected with the Corona virus, please avoid crowded places and sanitize them as much as possible by letting them wash their hands all the time or use sanitizers.

And let them eat healthy food, have enough sleep and rest, so they are immune to any infection, for that matter.

 Although some of the activities listed below would involve going out, just limit your stay outside and try to have some distance with the crowd as much as possible and if you can put on masks that’s better.

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How to enjoy spring break…plan on doing any of these 10 activities to get the kids excited.

 1. Go swimming

If you are stay at home parents, you can go to the pool and swim anytime, but if you are working, after-work would be fun  as well.

Aside from fun, swimming is a good exercise for everyone, too.

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Go to the library to enjoy  spring break2. Go to the library

This is the perfect time to head to the library and borrow lots of books and DVDs or CDs.

For kids who can read, they will enjoy reading book after book after book. If your special child cannot read, reading to him is the perfect bonding time for you both.

You can all read while in the library and read at home with the borrowed materials or watch the DVDs at home before bedtime.

Or you can buy these books online to stock up for your kids to read or for you to read to your special kid.

Click the images to see the price.

How to enjoy spring break- read Love you forever by Robert MunschHow to Enjoy Spring Break- Read Down on the FarmHow to enjoy Spring break. Read-5,000 Awesome facts ( about everything )How to enjoy Spring Break.Read Mummy Fairy and Me by Sophie Kinsella3. Watch movies

You can go to the cinema  as a family and eat out after the movie date.

But if budget is tight, watch old movies at home in Netflix or the YouTube or with the borrowed DVDs from the library.

Or you can buy cheap DVDs from the mall. You will enjoy just the same. As long as the family is together, that’s all that matters.

 4. Do cooking lessons

How to enjoy spring break-learn to cook and wash the dishes

If your special child loves to eat, give him cooking lessons in your kitchen of the food that he likes to eat a lot.

Let him help prepare the ingredients and mix together the food in the frying pan. Start with simple recipes like make sunny side up eggs, make a hamburger patty, make a pizza from scratch, or bake cookies.

After cooking, let him help wash the dishes and clean up the mess in the table. This way, he learns how to be responsible.

5. Do art activities

Do art activities to enjoy spring break

You can let your special child do some coloring or make some cards that you can give out later on  like for somebody’s birthday, etc.

If your special child has talents in drawing or coloring, he will really enjoy this fun activity.

Or if he is not into art, this is the best time to introduce him to drawing and coloring.

Bring him to the dollar store and let him choose the art materials that he wants including the coloring books and crayons or colored markers if you don’t have these at home.

If your special kid is a girl, she might want to do some crafts, like make necklaces or do some scrap booking.

6. Visit the grandparents

Now is the perfect time to go visit one of the most important people in your family. The grandparents will be delighted to see their grandchildren again.

They might have babysitted your special child when he was younger, and this week is the best time to catch up.

Bring some food so you can eat together as an extended family.

Or your kids might want to sleep over with their grandparents, then you can have alone-time” as a couple.

Just a heads up, with the COVID-19 spread, just be sure that nobody has flu symptoms ( dry cough, fever, sore throat ) when you go visit them. Or else, just call them or do videocall or facetime to talk to them and update them of the kids’ whereabouts or better still let the kids talk to them on the phone or in the videocall.

7. Invite cousins or friends for a sleep over

You can ask your kid’s cousins or friends in your home for a sleep over and make them some popcorn while they watch movies or do some artwork. This is the time for them to catch up on the activities that they enjoy together.

Kids also like to tell stories about their experiences in school or with their other friends, so making them bond overnight would make them enjoy time together.

8. Go to the zoo or the museum

Go to the zoo to enjoy  spring break

This free week maybe the best time to re-visit the zoo or the museum if these have been your activities during the summer.

I’m sure there will be lots of new displays in the museum or new animals in the zoo if you haven’t been there for a while.

This is a great time for your kids especially your child with special needs to learn something new or to apply what he has learned in school.

9. Play in an indoor park

There is still snow outside and the park may still by muddy and have lots of puddles, so it will not be fun going to the outdoor playground.

So to pump the kids’ energy, why not go to an indoor amusement park and let the kids run around, or let them go up and down the slides and other play structures.

Bring their cousins  or their friends along and while they are having fun, you can maybe go shopping if the park allows them to be left on their own or you can stay in their waiting area and read a book ( if you’re alone )  or you can chat and catch up with your grown up cousins or friends ( parents of your kid’s friends ).

After their play, I’m sure they are tired and hungry, so go to a restaurant where you  can all grab a pizza or anything that the kids love to eat, like hamburgers. This brings you all to the next activity.

10. Eat out as a family

I think this is the best activity that everybody looks forward to.

Of course this could be the final activity of the day if you have done an earlier activity, like playing in an indoor park or having gone swimming or watching a movie.

Whatever you have done earlier in the day, I’m sure everyone is tired and hungry, so a pizza or a hamburger or a pasta or even a full meal is very much welcome.

Just enjoy and have fun! 

You don’t have to do everything listed above because your budget will burst and there’s only a week to choose the best activity for the whole family. Especially if you will still be working during this time.

But of course, if you plan ahead, you can still do free activities like go to the library and borrow books and DVDs, go to the public pool on free days, etcetera.

Kids grow fast, so while they are still young and willing to go with you to fun places, grab these free days and just enjoy!

Before you know it, school days are starting again and next year, they maybe older and have their own set of friends and not willing to go anywhere with you anymore.


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How to enjoy spring break -Mixbook to store memories

What specific activity does your special child enjoy the most?Which activities do your kids enjoy with your family? 

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44 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Spring Break ( Ten Activities Which Will Get Everyone Excited )”

  1. With all this Covid-19 scare, the kids are safe at home. Pools, libraries and other public leisure places are now closed so letting them enjoy activities at home like cooking, cleaning, doing art activities, playing board games, watching movies with the family will somehow make their school break worthwhile.

    More power!

    Odette S.

    • Hi Odette,

      True! Covid-19 is getting everyone inside our homes.Schools are closed, office workers are working at home, like me, even church masses are cancelled.Lots of gatherings are put on hold.Even travels and flights are cancelled.

      And it is scary, with all those positive tests coming out, increasing statistics of affected people and places, and the news of death in some places.

      Like you said, staying at home with our kids or letting then do worthwhile activities at home will make them occupied. It’s not only a one week off from school, but three weeks to a month, could be more, who knows? I heard from my son that there’s a school in another province here in Canada that closed for the semester already.

      The most important thing?

      Let us pray as a family, to bring us together to have hope that all these will pass and we will have peace in our hearts and feel the love of GOD amidst all these challenges.

      Thanks for reading.

      God bless,

  2. I love these ideas – practical and fun! My two younger kids would always ask me everyday of spring break, “What are we going to do today?” Just because I’m not off from work and has to work evening shift, we could still do most of these activities in the morning. Worked out well for us! Great article!

    • Hi Odette,

      I can relate, I and my husband are both working full time during the day and usually tired after work. So, we try to bond as family by watching our favorite TV show in Netflix after we have both rested and before going to bed.

      It’s good that my sister works in the mornings only and she brought my son and his cousins out to a movie the other day.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. I will love to go for spring break soon with my family. we will go a lot of places and have unusual and memorable fun. Thanks for this information. I have had the thought where to have our spring break on mind and these tips you gave me here will be very useful because I now have so many means to catch fun with family and parents. This is beautiful!

  4. Great and interesting article on point! Spring break is a popular time of year, especially for those who have endured snow and cold temperatures. It usually to be great period of several days of free and entertaining activities at my side spending some time with my siblings at my grandparents house. And I know of my wonderful who usually come for a sleepover, and is fun. I personally enjoy going for swimming which is constant with my siblings and sometimes with my parents. Is usually a great period of fun and happiness with outdoors activities.

    • Yes, spring break means fun and just doing things that kids and the whole family enjoy!

      Of course, it also means milder temperature and more sunshine.

      Enjoy your time out this spring break.



  5. Thanks for this interesting and informative post,  I feel like you have said it all, I always find myself in a tight corner when making decisions for spring break ever since I was a kid, people had to make that choice for me but I’m grateful I came across this post not only will I have ideas for myself but also my kids. 

  6. Thanks for this tip, found it really helpful. As a family tradition, we spend spring break cleaning out the house and discarding unnecessary materials to free out space. 

    However, this year I want to add a little spice, as a reward for my kids hard work. I think I they will love to go swimming or maybe we could see a movie together as a family. I’m still contemplating the perfect week, but I must say your post has been really helpful!!

    • Hi Louis,

      I love that you take cleaning as a family tradition during spring break. That surely teaches your kids to develop responsibility.

      And of course, they deserve some reward by taking time out together.

      Enjoy your spring break with your kids.


  7. My sister’s kids usually prefer going to see a movie than going to the library. The first time they went to see a movie, they were so happy and the event was fun filled. I would have considered taking them to the swimming pool, but they seem not to like swimming at all so I think I’ll take them to the museum. 

    • You really need to let kids choose what they want to do because they have different interests than us.

      And if they enjoy what they’re doing, they will always thank you for that.

      Thanks for reading!


  8. Hello Marita,

    Among all of those options for enjoying the spring vacation I think nothing can be better then doing some kind of artwork. Because I think it will not only be the great source of enjoyment but also be the way that will make children more creative and will inspire them to create something new. 

    The happiness of creating something is much more than anything a man can do over his life.

     Beside that visiting a zoo or the a museum can also be good option. By going out from the house children will learn how to talk with people and react on their activity.

    Yes, I am talking about the practical knowledge that will help the children  to be independent and building up self confidence to go out on the bigger world on their own.

    Well, take my cordial thanks for sharing this important article.


    Badhan Biswas.   

    • Hi Badhan,

      You are correct, kids’ creativity will bring them immense joy and satisfaction when they have created something that they did on their own. It will also boost their confidence.

      Going out to the zoo or the museum, likewise is fun and educational.

      Thanks for visiting.


  9. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.this article explains how to enjoy spring break and what to do to enjoy spring break. Swimming, learning how to cook, watching movie and visiting grandparents can be so exciting. Children should enjoy spring break to have the memory .this article explains deep about spring break. Thanks for the review. Regards

  10. Thanks for sharing these great ideas of activities to do during spring break. Actually we can also do some of these during other holidays. 

    My kids really love to go swimming on the beach, it’s one of our favorite activities to do every now and then. It’s always a delight to see the kids have some fun time during school breaks. Since they spend most of their time in school learning and at home doing their home works and projects, they deserve to enjoy and have  fun away from all these. More importantly, we the parents also get to spend quality time with them. 

    As part of our family tradition and being Filipinos like you, we also make sure to bring them over to grandpa and grandma whenever we can. I believe it’s important that our kids spend some time with our parents and get to know them. We can do this not only during spring or school breaks but during weekends too. Well, not every weekend but maybe once a month. 

    What do you think?

    • Hi Alice,

      You can definitely do these activities on weekends and any holiday.

      I do believe that visiting the grandparents is a very much honored tradition by most families all over. Kids learn about respect, family traditions, and love for family.

      Our family also loves swimming, I bet every kid enjoys this activity.

      I hope your family enjoys spring break.


  11. Hello Marita, I think it’s great that you took time out to give parents of special kids ten spring break enjoying activities. 

    Bonding is very necessary for all kids especially for the special ones. Because it all adds up to make a pool of beautiful childhood memories, which in turn helps them to overcome future difficult times. 

    It also helps them to build self worth and a healthy self esteem. Which is a must have for every child if they must live beautiful lives. 

    I love all the activities you suggested  but I love the library and reading suggestion more. 

    • Love for reading is enhanced with visit to the library during school breaks, weekends, and holidays.

      I agree, beautiful childhood memories shared between the kids and parents make them closer and kids develop more confidence to overcome struggles, especially our special kids.

      God bless,


  12. I would have to say your best suggestion (in my opinion, anyway) is 6) visit with Grandparents!  LOL!  Absolute favorite!  Actually, I liked all your suggestions,  Sometimes, when the kids are home, it’s easy to get kind of lazy.  I have always believed in setting a schedule for the week to make sure we do a lot of fun activities and don’t spend the whole week laying around the house.  Educational things are my favorite.  We have a wonderful children’s museum in our area for kids of all ages, and that’s one of my favorite Spring Break activities.  Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    • Hi Babsie,

      I know, staying home all day makes the kids lazy and hooked to the TV or the internet or their phones.

      If we parents set an example to our kids, they will surely go and enjoy activities outside.

      Good for you, it’s so easy to visit the museum anytime.

      And of course, our parents need to see their grandkids, too!

      Thanks for reading.


  13. What a great list of fun spring break ideas. As a family, we already participated in activity number one, go swimming! Swimming is great because it’s a fun thing that people of all ages can enjoy. So if like my family, you have a variety of ages, you can still all go swimming together and have a good time. We ended up going swimming in a pool fed by water from a hot spring, it was warm and perfect for this time of year because it is still quite cold where I live.

    • Hi Mariah,

      Swimming is an all time favorite of every family. Kids love to hang out in a pool or the beach ( during summer ) and they are not conscious of the time that they spend there. They don’t feel cold, too, unlike us adults.

      Thanks for reading.


  14. All 10 are excellent suggestions, but I’m particularly fond of number six! I think more people should bring their kids to see their grandparents. I know it’s not always the case and everyone is different, but it seems like many elderly couples don’t get to see their kids and grand-kids as often as they’d like. 

    • Hi Nate,

      Our parents become so happy and more alive if they see their grandchildren a lot of times. It’s so important for us to see them smile and beam with pride seeing their grand kids grow up.

      God bless,


  15. I love to enjoy my spring break with my wife and we do almost all that you mentioned every spring because it helps us relax and at the same time have fun. You have actually given me more ideas on how to enjoy my spring break and I know my wife will be thrilled and will not be able to wait for us to try them. Thanks

  16. Thanks Marita for such an informative post.  I don’t have kids yet but I am always babysitting my uncles two kids. I get confused when they say want to play because I find it hard to  coordinate them but thanks to your wonderful post, I now have different options that they can pick from to so they can enjoy their break. Thanks again

    • You can always ask the kids what they want to play or what they want to do. They usually have ideas on how  to spend  their time.

      I suggest let your uncle buy some paper and colored markers so you can start letting them do artwork.

      God bless,


  17. Awesome list of productive ways to have fun during the spring break.

    This list will really help with the hassle of keeping the kids occupied during this break.

    Activities which also help strengthen the family bond.

    Following this list will lead to a time well spent.

    Thanks for sharing this list of ways to enjoy spring break which i believe can be applied to any break

    • Definitely, these activities are fun not only during spring break, but any school break for that matter.

      Time well spent during these breaks promote closer relationships among family members.

      Thanks for reading.


  18. With regard to swimming, if we have a special child in our care, what do you think is the better option for us? To go swimming in a pool or rather go out in a beach? I ask this because, I think of the safety of the child. The pool may be safer but I want the child to have a different experience swimming out with the nature. I’d like to add, I don’t know how to swim too, I am not sure if I can come to rescue if something untoward thing happens. 

    • Hi Gomer,

      A special child or any child needs to have an adult with him when swimming in a pool or in the beach and the adult needs to know how to swim.

      Both the pool and the beach have risks, but if you are always on the watch out for your kid and are always there with him, hopefully it will be safe for your kid. <

      Don’t forget to let your kid wear a float.
      Thanks for reading.


  19. Thank you for sharing this list. For those of us who really are strapped for money and yet want to provide some meaningful activities for the kids over their break, this is a really good list. There seems to be a couple of ideas almost any one can use regardless of their location.

    • Hi Lee,

      Money should not be a reason for families with kids not to enjoy spring break. There are always free options out there.


  20. I can agree more with you they’re a lot of kids can do during their one week spring holidays and you have done well to look at each one of them but being a parent though I would say that our kids should be monitored more on time they are spending on TVs for this might have advanced effects on their school performance so although they are on holidays lets look what they are watching on TVs and mobile phones .

    •  Hi Charles,

      Right, we need to limit their use of TVs, phones, laptops, etc. As much as possible 2 hours limit per day should be the rule.

      That’s why I encourage the parents to go out for fun activities or even at home but not involving gadgets. 

      God bless,


  21. I have two kids that are on Spring Break right now. I’ve been thinking about what I can do with them. Your article is very timely. You have some excellent suggestions. My kids love going swimming, to the library, cooking, and doing art work. I also like your tip on going to the indoor parks.  I live in AZ and the indoor play centers that are all the rage right now are the trampoline parks.  I found your article very easy to read and the images were a great compliment. 

    • Yes, we have to keep our kids busy during spring break, otherwise, they will always say, “I’m bored.”

      Enjoy your time with the kids!


  22. This will be the first year I do not have to think about how to entertain the kids while they are on spring break. You have given so many safe, creative ways for them to enjoy their spring break. I particularly like the cooking lesson, it is a fun way for them to enjoy themselves while learning practical life skills. Excellent article

    • You’ re right, we have to teach our kids life lessons while they are still young. Being responsible usually starts at home.

      We have to remember that kids love fun as well, so activities that they will enjoy should always be in the list.

      Thanks for reading!



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