Special Needs Stroller: Choosing the Best for Need and Comfort

Traveling is part of everyday life, especially if you have a special child who needs to go to doctor’s appointments, physiotherapist visits, special school attendance, and even family gatherings or just to go to the park with cousins and friends or go with you to the mall. Of course a special needs stroller is so essential for these activities.


Special needs stroller

I have even seen some parents jog with their kids in their stroller. What an awesome sight!

Your special child could even go with the whole family to any fun travel or visits to an amazing place during summer or any holiday for that matter. I’m sure he would love to bond with everybody on these trips.

Thus, a special needs stroller, or an adaptive stroller, is a most essential companion for parents and caregivers for easy mobility.


A special needs stroller needs to be durable for long term use.
A special needs stroller should be durable for long term use and meet the needs of your special child.

When planning to buy, what do you have to keep in mind? Is it the price? Durability, comfort, beauty?

Lots of reasons perhaps. So, what is the best special needs stroller out there? How do you choose one for your child?

Reasons for buying a stroller

1. Need–          Do you have frequent visits to doctors and therapists, or does your child go to school at least 3 times a week?

2. Comfort-    Is it the right fit for your kid for him to be comfy for long hours of sitting or lying down?

3. Price –          Do you want something that is not so pricey, anyway your child will outgrow the stroller soon or is it okay with you to pay more now, anyway he can use it for years to come?

4. Durability – Is your child on the heavy side or is older that something which will not wear out soon needs to be bought for him? Or you really prefer a stroller that would serve your kid for long term and grow with him?

5. Disability–   Is your child unable to walk at all or have stiff joints that prevent him to be moved easily to fit in the stroller?

When to buy

Foremost, you have to consider the need to decide when to purchase your stroller. Definitely, you will need one when you go out every week or even just twice a month for those appointments for your child.

You also have to consider that your kid will have mobility issues for some years because he will have delayed developments of some motor capabilities, like in children with Down syndrome, so deciding when to buy is critical.

Plan on the long term use so you can decide well on what to buy. Be open to the idea that your child will walk later than normal kids and when he learns to walk, it will take a while for him to have full balance.

If your child has disabilities that need to be addressed, consult your physiotherapist or rehabilitation doctor for proper advice on what type of adaptive stroller to buy.

Depending on where you live, some government health insurance may pay for these devices for your special child. Your private health insurance might be able to help as well. You just have to inquire, who knows you don’t need your pocket at all or you might pay only partial of the whole amount.

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Click here to look at varieties of adaptive strollers

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I am introducing 3 adaptive strollers for you to choose from. Of course, there are lots of choices out there but these 3, based on my research, are very useful for the kids with special needs. This review will somehow give you ideas when you are ready to buy one for your child.

Reviews on 3 strollers

1. Special Tomato Special Needs Jogging Stroller

  • This is ideal for children up to 110 lbs
  • The lightweight aluminum frame allows it to be folded easily
  • When open, it measures  :     L x W x H 42″ x 26″ x 43″
  • If folded, it measures : L x W x H 33″ x 21″ x 16″
  • It is durable, thus ideal for long use
  • It has a reclining seat ( recline range 100 to 140 degrees ).
  • The stroller weighs -27 lbs
  • Click the image or here to see the price


  • With 5-point harness to keep child safe and comfy
  • It is very comfortable for long trips.
  • The stroller for a jogging parent
  • It rolls really well ; the 12″ pneumatic tires works well both on smooth streets and rugged terrain
  • The front wheel can lock in place during jogging.
  • Free shipping if you buy here


          • Basket under the stroller has to be bought separately
          • Takes a bit of space when folded up

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2.Adaptive Star Axiom Lassen 2 Push Chair

Adaptive Star Laxiom Lassen 2 Push chair



  • Product dimensions are 61″ x 24″ x 43″ inches
  • With traditional large rear wheels and 2 pneumatic front swivel wheels
  • Comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors ( navy and red )
  • With weight capacity up to 250 pounds
  • Comes with storage pocket behind the seat and  2  water bottle holders
  • The removable seat and under the seat basket are machine washable

Click the image or here to see the price


  • The handle can be adjusted depending on the height of the parent
  • With safety wrist strap
  • It has fixed footrest with individual feet straps
  • Comfortable seating area lined with breathable wicking fabric 
  • Adjustable 5- point harness for safety
  • The seat can be reclined up to 30 degrees
  • The sun canopy has view port window
  • Free shipping


  • The basket is made of thin synthetic material and not secure so when you put items  they tend to fall over
  • The padded insert for the seat is bought separately

3. Freedom Adaptive Stroller by Baby Jogger

Freedom Adaptive stroller by Baby Jogger

  •  The stroller weighs 30 pounds 
  • Product dimensions are 47 x 24.6 x 12.9 inches
  • Comes in navy color
  • It has a reclining seat and a padded seat back for comfort
  • With a 16 inch static wheel and swivel front wheels
  • It has a multi-position canopy with clear view window

Click the image or here to see the price


  • The handbrake comes with a parking button
  • The curved handle makes pushing comfortable
  • It comes with a quick folding design
  • The stroller is sturdy and suitable for big kids
  • With room to grow for your kids 
  • Can be also used for adults with special needs


  • When folded, the chair doesn’t lock in place.
  • It is not so easy to push and guide on trails
  • The stroller is tall and the handle is high, thus,  not very comfortable for small parents

Is it time to buy?

Special needs strollers or the adaptive strollers are definitely a necessity for our special kids with mobility issues.

Your kids are able to walk probably at this point, but then they get tired easily with long walks.

For those with wheelchairs, you might still consider buying an adaptive stroller for them because wheelchairs are usually bulky and heavy.

My final word

Remember to always  consult your child’s physiotherapist or rehabilitation doctor for advice as to what specific adaptive stroller will fit your child to address his mobility and disability needs.

After all, your child’s comfort is foremost in your mind, as well as your need to consider your budget because these strollers are not on the cheap side.

Lastly, put inquiry to your health insurance, private or government,  if they will pay your mobility device. 

I’m sure with proper referral from your child’s physiotherapist or doctor, his adaptive stroller will be reimbursed or paid directly by your insurance.

Choose an adaptive stroller or special needs stroller for comfort and durability

Click here to find more options for your adaptive strollers and devices


Have you used several adaptive strollers through the years? Did your child prefer one over the other? Please let us know your experiences in the comments below.


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26 thoughts on “Special Needs Stroller: Choosing the Best for Need and Comfort”

  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about special needs stroller. A very important post indeed. People with special needs are the part of the society that we need to take care of the most. Especially little kids. I really think you have shown them some good comfortable strollers. Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

    • Hi Pasindu,

      Indeed, our special needs kids deserve only the best strollers that they can use for easy mobility. Thus, our dear parents should take into consideration not only the price but also the comfort of their child and durability, so they can use it for a long time.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Excellent article on special need stroller,this post is very helpful to as many people that need it,for the baby to go out with the rest of the family this very stroller is highly needed for great comfort and easy mobility,the main features to consider is the need,comfort ,durability and also price, because affordability is essential,I really love reading this post of yours,thank you for sharing.

  3. This post is really informative. There are so many variables to think about, like making sure it is a good fit for your child. What a difficult purchase to make, but you made it helpful and really asked the questions such as comfort for child and parent, height and weight need, ability to fold and weight to make sure it will fit in the vehicle. Thank you for the information and I know of someone that I will pass this site to.



    • Thanks Lisa.

      Buying a special needs stroller really is a big decision that needs to be thought of and weighed of pros and cons.

      God bless,


  4. Hi, You have provided a really well thought out and researched post about special needs strollers. I’m thinking that if you are a parent of a child with special needs that mean your child needs assistance with mobility, having the best stroller you can get would be one of the most important pieces of equipment you invest in. Sure, getting to appointments is important but the engagement in life enabled by a good stroller would greatly improve the quality of life for the child but also for the whole family.

    Your point about strollers also being important for children who can walk but need a stroller so they are to be able to go with friends, classmates etc. on longer walks is very good and made me think that schools and kindergartens might find it useful to purchase a stroller if they have children with relevant needs.

    • Hi Deb,

      I truly agree that fun and comfort for the special child and his family wherever they go depends a lot on a good stroller.

      And yes, you are right, schools might need to have at least one for a special child who might one day need to sit on it while strolling around the school premises. It always happens, I’m sure.

      Thanks for reading.


  5. Hello

    Very interesting about your article

    Everyone has a right to live a dignified life and I believe your article has succeeded

    Trolley for children with special needs is a great tool for easy transportation

    I love that you mentioned the 5 reasons for buying the proper stroller

    My friend has a disabled child and I believe your article will solve a lot of questions about buying a stroller

    The stroller 3 you mentioned I believe will be the best choice for this

    With the help of your doctor and your article you will surely be trapped in a wheelbarrow for little Anthony

    Thank you very much for informing about this sensitive topic for children with special needs

  6. My aunt is already used to strollers, she now strolls with her kids  conveniently to anywhere. I really like going with her to short distance as such because I won’t have to carry my cousins for her, lol. 

    I personally love the idea of getting a stroller because of the comfort it offers and I can say it’s really pocket friendly and also durable. 

    This is a really interesting and informative article, it’ll help mothers get comfort out of their time out with the kids. Its nice to read through.

    • Hi Jones,

      Of course, a child would be so heavy to carry especially if the walk is long. Pushing the stroller is definitely lighter than having the child in your arms.

      God bless,


  7. Thank you for this great review of available strollers for special needs. From my years as a teacher, I know how important it is for special needs children to be mobile when they need to be. It’s nice to see the jogging stroller option. That’s a nice addition since I last checked these out.

    Having the option for the child to rest and ride is important no matter how mobile they are or how often you need to go out. And it’s always nice to get out, even for short outings, to get fresh air and enjoy a change of scenery.

    Thanks for the overview of these options! 🙂

    • Hi Stella,

      These strollers for special needs children are really helpful even if they are able to walk because they get tired easily and they have to rest as you said.

      The jogging strollers are so useful for both parents and kids because they are all able to exercise ( at least for the parents ) and like you said, inhale some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

      Thanks for visiting again.


  8. Very informative article. I have family members with children with special needs and this would benefit them very much. It is nice like you say to see parents jogging with their kids in the strollers. These cool strollers are awesome and you have made a great selection with good reviews. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks Andrea for reading.

      Strollers are so important for our special kids especially for everyday use and for travel to their appointments and even to school. Thus, parents need to be very selective on what to buy so they are useful for a long time.

      Jogging strollers are really cool. Aside from letting the parent have a good exercise, the kid will also be happy outside to enjoy nature and breathe some fresh air.



  9. Each time I read “special strollers” which is rarely but it happens; I get so sad. My baby sister had one. She had a specific red stroller chair that sustained her neck and other parts of her body. It was thanks to sites like these that we found it. Unfortunately, she passed away within time.

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m so sorry about the passing away of your sister. How old was she then?  I know how it feels losing a loved one because I also lost my sister 4 years ago.

      Thanks for reading.


  10. Great article and I’m glad to see that there is even one in there for the runners! Additional photos that showed the strollers collapsed might be helpful, but the links to the products for purchasing are helpful.

    Thanks for doing the research and for sharing! It’s always great to get someone’s perspective on a product before we buy!

    • Hi Jen,

      Yes, parents can jog with their kids on a jogging stroller. Awesome, right?

      Sorry, I was not able to find a picture with the collapsed stroller, I just shared a buyer’s experience.

      Thanks for passing by.

      God bless,


  11. Great article. As someone who has worked with and has friends who have special needs children, it is very informative. Thanks for taking the time to investigate and sharing.

  12. Very informative. I liked the layout of the article. It was easy to maneuver around. I liked the pictures of the different strollers along with the pros and cons. Thanks for taking the time to write about the strollers. I have worked with special needs kids and know how hard it is to maneuver a stroller around. I have several friends who will be looking for this article.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience about working with special kids and how you had a challenge using their strollers. This stresses the importance of choosing the most suitable adaptive stroller for our special kids, so both the caregiver and the child will be comfortable during its use.

      If your friends plan on buying  some special needs strollers, this post will surely provide them with  useful ideas and guidance before they purchase one .

      God bless,


  13. Hi,
    That’s a very interesting article that you have done there. It’s quite educative, too, and can help us in making a decision on what stroller to buy.
    I have a question as to whether or not there are strollers that are designed to adapt with a special kids age- such that it is the same stroller bought when they were but infants, then as they grow the canopy (for instance) ceases to be needful, but still the kid is dependent on being pushed, but with a more mature age they are able to use the same stroller, but now designed to help move themselves about? (of course depending on their ability/disability)
    Boniface from SmileAfresh

    • Hi Boniface,

      Thanks for reading my post/review. Yes, there are adaptive strollers with different sizes depending on the child’s age and weight. 

      If you clink on the links it will show you choices in the website. 

      It is also important to consult your child’s physiotherapist or rehabilitation doctor to help you in making the choice and this will depend on your child’s disability, age, and weight.

      God bless,



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