Fun Thanksgiving Party Games ( To Bring More Laughter to Your Celebration )

Inside: Seven fun Thanksgiving party games that both kids and adults will enjoy.

We gathered at the park. It was a fine chilly day and everybody was excited.

There were prepared games for the whole family and games just for the kids.

One of the games is called “Pinata,” and kids are supposed to break open this sturdy big thing made a few days back, by taking turns hitting it with a bat. When it opens, there are lots of candies and chocolates, even coins that kids can pick up as much as they can.

We also had a family scavenger hunt, which took us running all over to search for the “notes,” and to do the tasks. it was a good exercise and a lot of fun. Our minds and feet need to be fast to finish the race first.

This was before the pandemic. Good thing, we are already allowed again to gather in big parties.

For this year…

Have you started preparing for your Thanksgiving party? What food are you cooking?

Find some Thanksgiving dinner menu ideas here.

Our extended family, with some friends, usually gather together in someone’s house or at a park, with potluck food and some exciting activities.

I have gathered 7 fun games that you can do during the party, be it outside in the park, in the host’s backyard, or inside the house.

These games will surely add lots of laughter and screams, especially for the kids.

Here we go…..

1. Stuff the Turkey game

This is a fun game that is so easy to set up and prepare for.

Prepare the supplies at least a week or a few days before the party.

  • 1 large paper bag – you can recycle a shopping bag from an online food order or buy here.
  • 2 small brown paper bags- again recycle or buy
  • paper scraps or newspaper scraps
  • 2 pieces of white tissue paper
  • stapler
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • white paper for onions, brown paper for bread , green paper for celery

Follow the instructions here on how to make the paper turkey and how to play the game.

2. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

We usually do this and every member of the group or family reads a note with a clue as to which location the next clue is, and you just keep on going and going until you reach the end of the hunt. Whoever finishes first or gets the “special treat’ first is the winner.

Here’s what you need to prepare days ahead:

Follow the instructions here on how to prepare the clues, and how to do the scavenger hunt game.

3. Thanksgiving Pinata

This game is very popular for kids, from the very young to teens. They enjoy hitting the pinata and anticipate whether they will break it and get excited about what’s inside.

Do you know how to make the pinata? My cousin knows how to do this and would ask the help of her younger nieces to prepare it, days before the event.

You can definitely make your own, or just buy one of these Thanksgiving pinata but quite pricey, though.

If you are artistic and would like to make your own, watch this video.

At the venue, the pinata is hung from 2 branches of a tree which are strong enough to hold the pinata even if it’s moved up and down to suit the height of the child who will be playing.

Make the kids line up, from the shortest to the tallest, or better yet, from the youngest to the oldest, to build the excitement.

Make sure they are standing as far from the pinata, otherwise, they might get hit by the bat.

Put a blindfold to the kid in front, bring him in front of the pinata and turn him three times clockwise, then let him hit three times. Continue to let the kids take turns, until the pinata is smashed or breaks open.

This game is always a hit for any party.

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4. Thanksgiving Family Feud

Who has not watched this very popular game show on TV?

Two families compete against each other to give out the most popular answers to some unusual questions.

It’s always exciting to wait ( if you’re just watching at home ) if their answer is the same as yours.

This game is easy to do in our homes or even outside. It just needs some preparation, especially coming up with questions and answers.

You need a buzzer or a bell to signal who can answer first.

You can let two families compete with at least 3-4 members or any 2 groups of friends, cousins, dads vs moms, etc .

Read the complete instructions here.

5. Face the Pie

This is quite a messy game, but fun! Players can only use their mouth to look for the letters within the pie tin full of whipped cream.


    • Spray whipped cream ( or real whipped cream )

Read the complete instructions here.

6. Thanksgiving Sack Race

This group game is better done at a park or in a backyard.


Sacks– can be bought or recycled if you love to eat rice

It could be an individual game, with kids or adults inside the sack all lined up horizontally and jump, starting at the same time to a finish line. Whoever goes to the finish line first, is the winner.

For a group game, the members line up ( one straight line for one group, another line for another group ) and the members take turns donning the sack, then jumping to the finish line but going back to the line and giving the sack to the next in line, until everybody is done. The group that finishes first is the winner.

This game is easy for kids but challenging for grown-ups because of the risk of falls.

But, this is so much fun, especially for onlookers, lol!

7. Sweet Potato Roll

This is another game of focus and strategy.

Gather these materials:

    • Sweet potatoes – one for each player, or plain big potatoes

This is an individual game.


Make a straight line on the floor using the masking tape, of about 12 feet long.

You can make it easier by putting another line, which is one foot apart, to make a lane for each person.

To play, let the sweet potato roll slowly along the line or lane, using the wooden spoon, and if it rolls off the line or the lane, the player has to roll it back to where it left the line and keep going.

Whoever reaches the end of the line or lane first, is the winner.

This game should be played on a slow but sure tactic.


Food plus Games is always Fun!

There you go, if time allows it, you can play all of them, or have a separate group of people to coordinate the games for grown-ups and a separate group to manage the kids’ games.

Have one game, like the Scavenger hunt as a family game.

The host of the party usually prepares the prizes or assigns a family to prepare or donate the gifts.

Search and buy prizes here.


Happy Thanksgiving!

As always, Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings of the past year and the years to come.

It is a joyful reunion of families, sometimes who have not seen each other for a while.

Cousins or siblings from out of province may go home to their families to rekindle memories.

May we all have a memorable Thanksgiving celebration!

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What is your most memorable Thanksgiving day fun game? 







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10 thoughts on “Fun Thanksgiving Party Games ( To Bring More Laughter to Your Celebration )”

  1. Thanks for this great article on games that we can add to the Thanksgiving festivities to build some fun into the occasion for all people attending. Most certainly, getting the kids engaged (and the adults!) is something worth striving for as opposed to what too often is a feeding frenzy and then a football afternoon where most adults fall asleep watching the TV. 

    Of the games that you have highlighted, there are two that stand out to me that would fit my family. The first is the Family Feud game and the second is the Face The Pie game. The first game would add some activities for the adults and kids, as would the second. They sound like fun for sure! 

    Both will provide a lot of laughter and excitement to the day, something I like to see. Now I will get the instructions using the links you have provided and prepare the scenarios and props for the big day. This will be something new added to our Thanksgiving! Those football fans can still watch their games, but the rest of us will be having fun as they fall asleep like they do every year. I am looking forward to this!    

    • Hi Dave,

      Glad that I have given you ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving party more fun.

      For sure, the kids and the grown-ups will enjoy any of these games.

      Go ahead and prepare your stuff.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Food plus games IS always a good idea!

    This was very enjoyable for me to read.  As the mother of an autistic boy…he’s 29 now…it made me smile, imaging how much he would’ve enjoyed the games you listed.  Especially the pinata!  

    All kids need some sort of structure, especially during family gatherings with the potential for so much negative energy to start consuming people.  But special needs kids need it that much more.  In our case, there were always just too many people, too much over sensory stimulation.  Structured games would’ve helped alleviate that a lot.

    Thanks for what you’re doing and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Anna,

      Yes, kids need to engage in games during gatherings because they might just be tinkering on their cellphones or ipads and just be by themselves in a corner.

      Group games are also a good way not only to have fun but to develop in them the team spirit of cooperation and team effort. 

      Thanks for the wonderful comments.

      I hope your son with autism is doing well. Your love and support means a lot to him.


  3. Absolutely loving this article! 🦃 The Thanksgiving scavenger hunt section instantly took me back to my childhood days when I used to adore playing that game with friends and family. The excitement of searching for clues and hidden treasures is truly timeless. It’s wonderful to see how these traditions can bring joy to both kids and adults alike. This article is a delightful reminder that Thanksgiving is not only about the feast, but also about creating cherished memories through interactive and entertaining activities. Kudos for sharing these fantastic game ideas that add a whole new level of fun to the festivities!

    • Hi Matias,

      It is always good to recall happy times with our families and friends, especially if we’re living away from home or we have our own families, as well.

      The Thanksgiving scavenger hunt has also been the favorite game in our extended family celebration. There’s always a competitive spirit and of course, our brain gets a little push to work some more to discover the clues.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving day with your family.


  4. Get ready to add a dash of excitement to your Thanksgiving gathering with these fun and festive party games! From Turkey Trot Races to Gobble Wobble Challenges, these games are sure to make your celebration a memorable one. Get your friends and family together for a day of laughter, competition, and holiday cheer. Let the games begin and the good times roll! 🦃🎉 #ThanksgivingGamesGalore

    • Hi Brian,

      Indeed, exciting times are sure to start on Thanksgiving weekend/day.

      These games will surely bring more laughter and joy to everyone.

      Thanks for reading.


  5. One unique thing I like about Thanksgiving Day is teaching my children to be grateful for what they have gotten throughout the year. It helps them build a natural attitude of gratitude. And gratitude is the mother of joy. Every time you are grateful, you become naturally joyful. You cannot be grateful and be depressed. And it is a secret to health.

    • You are so right! If you are always grateful, even with little things, you have that pure joy in you.

      Celebrating Thanksgiving day teaches our kids that virtue of gratitude, not only on that day, but it will become inherent in them to see the goodness in everyone and be thankful.

      Hope your family have a joyful celebration. Doing some of the games here will make it more memorable.




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