Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers ( Your child’s favourite SPED teacher and assistant )

Inside: Find some awesome Christmas gift ideas for teachers and assistants of your special needs children.

In a month or so, we are celebrating Christmas and your child’s holiday break will start.

I’m sure you are planning to give something special to the SPED teacher of your child and the assistant helping your kid.

It’s this time of the year that we, parents try to show gratitude to the people who are helping our special ones be a little better academically and emotionally.

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I know what you’re thinking.

“What are some Christmas gift ideas for teachers, most especially for my child’s favorite SPED teacher and her assistant?”

Let me share with you some gifts that are not so expensive and will surely bring a smile to your kid’s mentor.

Here are some recommendations, check them out on AMAZON!

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1. Gifts that Will Inspire Them and Organize their Lives

Aside from inspiration, books will also give them relaxation after a semester with all the work.

What better way to just chill, read through the night, and not think of waking up early in the morning to start the daily routines of going to school, teaching a bunch of loud kids, and going home to sleep then waking up again early the next day?

This upcoming two-week winter holiday, give her an amazing book to read or a coloring book to enjoy.

Or a planner for next year to give more organization to her or his life.

Click the image to see the price.

2024 Daily Planner
Get organized!

Mandala patterns adult coloring book
Relax after a day’s work with this amazing coloring book.

Inspirational words adult coloring book
Get some relaxation after a day’s work!

How not to fall for your best friend by Meg Easton
A sweet romantic comedy book for the young at heart


Master of Iron by Tricia Levenseller
Exciting, romantic, and filled with magic!

2. Gifts that will Let Them Glow or Look Good

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so the saying goes. But definitely, natural charm is enhanced by using some products that give confidence and glow.

Revlon colorstay compact powder
Look and feel beautiful each day!

Revlon Color stay pressed powder. This is my favorite, I use it everyday for work. It brings smoothness in my face and hides imperfections like acne, white heads, and oily skin. It comes in 6 shades- fair, light, light medium, medium, medium deep, and transluscent.

Click here for more choices of compact powder.

Nivea After shave balm for men
A clean shaven beard brings a polished look.


Hand cream gift set for women
For tired hands after a busy day

Look at awesome neckties here for the male teachers in your child’s school. Something that they can wear with their favorite polo during the parties that they are attending.Polarized sunglasses for that look of elegance!

These sunglasses are very useful especially if the teachers are out in the sun supervising their special needs students during recess.

3. Gifts that are Useful at Home 

Simple gadgets that are so helpful for our mentors who are always on the go. Kitchen gadgets are on top of the list. Specialized mugs are also great gift ideas.


Ninja Express Chop
For the mentor who values good nutrition, for easy veggie preparation in the kitchen.


Coffee tumbler mug for teacher
A good reminder that your child’s teacher is so precious!

Luxpire valet tray with handlesLuxspire valet tray with handles that could hold anything in the coffee table or the vanity. Suitable for the male teachers, as well.


Lamicall Cellphone stand

This phone holder will make the teacher’s desk be clutter-free and organized, so he or she can focus on the task that needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Homvana humidifier

This humidifier can be placed in the bedroom or any place in the house that is frequently used by family members and will bring clear humidified air to stop allergies and dryness of the skin.

4. Gifts that will Bring Relaxation

Scented candles for men

This scented candle set will bring a soothing aroma to his home, especially when he stretches on his sofa or sprawls in his bed after a hard day’s toil in school.

Florona lavender essential oil

Essential oils like this lavender bring relaxation as aromatherapy or when used for massage. It promotes good, restful sleep at night.

Click here for more choices of essential oils.

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can amplify the music from the teacher’s phone, that he can listen to while they are at a picnic or just chilling at home with some friends or family, or even in a shower.

5. Gifts that are Easy to Buy 

If you are not sure what to give to your kid’s teacher and/or teacher-assistant, give gift cards, so you don’t have to think more and stress yourself in choosing what you think will give joy to him or her.

Amazon gift cards for any occasion


You can never go wrong if you give a gift card. That way, the receiver can decide on what he or she wants to buy for himself or herself.

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 It’s That Time of Year to be Appreciative of the Mentors and Assistants  of Your Child with Special Needs

Giving gifts to special education teachers during the Christmas season is a great way to to show appreciation for their efforts, patience, and understanding offered to your little ones and the not so little ones, especially if your child is non-verbal or has tantrums or meltdowns and they are a handful and quite challenging to take care in school.

Christmas is indeed a great time to celebrate the kindness and dedication of the special needs teachers. Something simple, but valuable that you can share with them, they being your kids’ second parents, will surely be appreciated.

Happy shopping!













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8 thoughts on “Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers ( Your child’s favourite SPED teacher and assistant )”

  1. This is such a thoughtful and sweet post! I love that you’re taking time to get to know the teachers and recognize them for all their hard work. You have some very thoughtful gift ideas. Which one is your favorite? I have been wanting the Ninja Express Chop. You’ve made it very each for people to go right to the gift and purchase, which is super helpful. Great post!

    • Hi Christina,

      Thank you for your nice words. Our SPED teachers and their assistants really deserve our gratitude not only in words but also in physical gifts, even the most simple ones.

      I love giving books, maybe I would choose story books or coloring books for female teachers and a planner for the males.



  2. Some great ideas there, finding Christmas presents for people is always a pet hate for me, my mind just goes blank, It is always a good idea to follow somebody else’s list especially when you have done all the research, teachers and alike are always difficult to buy for because very often we don’t know them on a personal level, I also love that you have included links on Amazon, couldn’t be easier well done.

  3. These are so many good proposals ! I especially like the daily planner , the mandala book and the scented candles. Something practical and some for relaxation and calmness. Now approaching Christmas we have a messenger group for the parents in our daughters class and this list is just perfect for us ! Thank you for such a nice post ! 

    • Hi Jonah,

      Thanks for your nice words. I’m happy that I have provided good ideas for your Christmas list.

      Enjoy your shopping.



  4. Marita, thank you for your dedication to this website. It’s a beautiful homage to your sister. 

    Your post lists some great potential gifts for the student’s teacher and definitely gives me ideas on what to get my fiancée (she works as a SPED assistant)! The layout of the post is simple to follow along and the phrases underneath make for awesome commentary. I can’t wait to see what else is in store! 🙂 


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