Best Christmas Gifts for Kids with Special Needs ( What to Give and Get the Biggest Hug! )

In barely two months, we will be celebrating Christmas. Do you have plans already for your Christmas parties with family and friends? We sure have. As early as December 1st, we will be having our party with some friends and our families, from our home province. Of course, with parties we have to bring gifts especially for the kids who are so excited because they have wishes from Santa. I’m sure we have been thinking, ” What would be the best Christmas gifts for our kids with special needs? “

Aside from all the parties and trimmings, let us not forget that we celebrate this season because it’s Jesus’ birthday. And what better way to celebrate His birthday but to share our blessings to our loved ones and the less fortunate.

I remember when I was a kid, I would always wait expectantly for Christmas day because this was the time when  I would go to my godparents’ house, hug them  and ask their blessing, then  I would get a full plastic bag of goodies in return.

Life was simpler then and we lived in a very small town where neighbours chat with each other outside their homes and practically we knew everyone in the neighbourhood or maybe even the whole town.

My mom knew how to sew, so my sister and I would happily wear our Christmas dresses which looked alike. We proudly beamed like we were twin dolls, lol!

When I was in university, I would start buying simple gifts for my younger siblings as early as October.

We would open our gifts on Christmas day after lunch before heading to my aunt’s place for the party, where the kids got more gifts. Chocolates or other treats and toys were favourites, more than clothes or money.

How about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping this year?

I have some collections already.

I did some research and compiled this list for the best Christmas gifts for kids with special needs and for sure when they get these, they will jump with joy and you will get the biggest hug ever.

Don’t forget to click the images to see the price of the toys that you want to buy.

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Here we go!

Educational toys

More than enjoying playing with toys, our kids with special needs, especially if they are non-verbal, would squeak with delight the first time that they open a toy and find it talking or emitting sounds or giving out beautiful lights.

Like this baby hammer toy that triggers light and sound when pounded.
Or this interactive toy school bus with flashing lights and sounds.

Be sure to buy also toys that are educational, so their creative minds will be enhanced, as well, communication skills will be developed.

This farm wooden puzzle will teach your child some farm animals, as well develop his fine motor skills and imagination.

The theraputty will enhance your special kids’ fine motor skills and creativity.

Theraputty to enhance fine motor skills and creativity

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids with Special Needs


I love giving books as gifts to my nephews and nieces. I believe that books are the best gifts if you want the kids to enjoy reading as they grow up.

Reading to your special child is a very good bonding time as well, next to playing with them.

Before going to sleep, when you lie side by side in bed, reading to them their favourite book will enhance their imagination, as well.

Even if they are non-verbal, I’m sure they are able to understand in their own little way what you are reading to them, especially if you make your reading more enjoyable by acting out the story, like voicing out animals’ sounds for example.

First word books or alphabet books like these are very educational and be sure to buy books showing beautiful pictures, as well to catch the interest of your kid.


Story books, likewise would be one of the best gifts. Choose books that impart moral values about love of God and family. Likewise the values of respect, sharing , and empathy.

These story books will surely give delight to your little ones.


For older kids, these story books would be a hit.

Love You Forever is my most favourite kids’ book. It tells  a story of a mother’s love from birth to forever. It really touches a mom’s heart. It’s so beautiful! I will keep this book forever. I don’t mind reading it again and again.



Musical instruments

It is proven that music therapy has lots of benefits for our children with special needs.

Let your special kid be jolly everyday by giving him something that he can play not only to let him enjoy but to improve his focus and communication skills.

Let music flow in your homes everyday. Even just one musical instrument that he loves and plays a lot will improve everyone’s mood around the house.

If your special girl loves to sing, this karaoke set is the best gift. You will enjoy hearing the angelic voice of your daughter even though her lyrics have some funny twists.

This drum set for small kids ( 15 months up )  will enhance their motor skills and help them focus and engage.

These harmonica are so easy to play, your special child just needs to blow through it and voila, there will be beautiful music that he can create. And he will enjoy doing it again and again.

This xylophone comes with two sheets of music ( Twinkle, twinkle little star and Mary had a little lamb ) which an older kid can easily follow.

Writing and Colouring Materials

Discover the creative imagination of your special kid by giving him materials that  he can use to draw, doodle, and create something that he can be proud of.

Give him lots of crayons and coloured pencils with paper and just let your special child practice to grip the writing materials and encourage him to just draw those lines and circles and let him use all the colours for him to enjoy and develop his writing skills and creativity.

Show his works of art and put them in your fridge or the wall in his room.

Appreciate his works at all times!

For older kids who know how to properly grip crayons or coloured pencils, this colouring book is a nice gift.

These doodle pads are the right sizes for those small hands. They are also easy to bring during travel.

These large crayons with 16 colors to choose from will delight your special child and inspire him to doodle or  draw all the time.
Mommies, you will love these washable crayons because they’re easy to clean up even if your kids draw on your walls. How’s that?

Shoes and Clothes

What is Christmas for kids without new shoes and clothes?

They usually want to show off their beautiful outfits when they go to church or go to their godparents and grandparents asking for their presents.

Shop here for new dresses and clothes.

Awesome clothes for Christmas!

These girls’ sandals will fit nicely on their feet and will hold on even though they have mobility issues. I bet they can’t  wait for summer to use them. Might use them at home, lol!

This flashing sneaker will be a hit with your special child paired with an awesome


These squeaky shoes for your little girl will amuse her as she walks.

Awesome shirts will make your kids’ Christmas more enjoyable! Check them out. The boys’ shirts  come in three colors- red, blue, and black.

Harry potter’s girl’s shirt in burgundy.

 Bags and backpacks

Some beautiful bags or backpacks to bring around at doctor or therapist visits to put your special kids’ toys and other essentials would be a nice gift idea as well.

Think of how the designs will give them joy.

 Your little girl will love carrying this unicorn kids’ backpack anywhere she goes. It comes with a lunch bag as well, which is very useful when going out to doctor’s visits or to school.

This weighted huggy bear back pack will surely give comfort to your special one, being so huggable and soft. Click the image to see the price.

Huggy bear weighted backpack

Huggable toys

Toys that will calm their anxieties are those that they can hug, like this weighted teddy bear.  They will enjoy carrying this and showing to their playmates, as well.



Our Special Kids Deserve the Best Gifts for Christmas!

When we think of gifts for Christmas, the kids are always the most excited.

They would even trade chocolates or toys with money. They usually love getting presents that give them enjoyment. Opening those boxes or bags give them lots of perk!

They even wake up really early on Christmas day to start opening their presents once their parents allow them.

As parents, we are also excited shopping for them, even small items for their Christmas stockings.

Their belief that Santa Claus is there to give them presents as long as they’re nice gives them more enthusiasm during the holidays.

Even our children with special needs feel the excitement, so start buying those memorable gifts for them.

Happy shopping!

Let the Christmas countdown begin !

But let us always remember that it’s not those material presents but, our PRESENCE in their lives, that is the most important gift that we can give our children with special needs, not only for Christmas, but everyday.


Do you recall the time when your special kid jumped with joy when he opened a Christmas present from you?

When is your most memorable Christmas with your little one? Did you have a gift that until now is still precious to him?

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58 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gifts for Kids with Special Needs ( What to Give and Get the Biggest Hug! )”

  1. This is so thoughtful of you, putting this together for kids with special needs.

    I always have the problem of gifting things to people when it comes to festive seasons most especially Christmas, now to talk of kids with special needs, I always have to consider what they’ll like and as well be of help to them in some areas of their life like education, rapport between peers and so on.

    I really prefer educational toys. Thanks for the help. 

  2. Hello Marita, 

    I must say this article contains a lot of helpful content for people who plan to see kids with special needs. Also,those gifts are perfectly matched to give as Christmas gifts. I’m pretty sure they will be impressed. Nice collection!

    My favorite Christmas gifts are educational toys and writing and coloring materials. They can get good value from educational toys while they are playing with it.

    Thank you for sharing valuable content. Keep it up!

    • Hi Gihan,

      I perfectly agree! We grown ups need to really choose what to gift our special kids for them to find value in what we give.



  3. Wow! This is really thoughtful and lovely of you to share here. 

    Christmas is a period of love and sharing and what better way than to add up love for people who have special kids and I have one uncle who has a son with special needs. 

    You have really given me so much ideas as to what to buy for him. Well, he likes music a lot and I figure out if I get him an instrument with his picture in it or his name inscribed on it, it would make it special for him and value it more. Thanks.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Your uncle’s  special needs son will be so happy seeing his picture and name in the musical instrument, thus, he will be inspired to play it all the time.

      Great idea!

      Thanks for reading.


  4. You are doing a worthy and laudable work, not only for the memory of your sister, also for many other people with special needs and their families. In my opinion, the best toys are those that enhance and develop skills, shoes and clothes are for any other occasion. Thank you for this great work, God bless you 😊

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your nice comments. Toys are definitely most loved by kids on Christmas.

      God bless too and enjoy your holidays.



  5. these are a great list of items you can get a kid with special needs during Christmas. My sister is handicapped and two of her favorite things is either picture books or cds. That way she can listen to music or have someone read her a story.

    Do you have a special needs child? If so what’s been done of their favorite gifts you have given them during Christmas?

    • Hi Michael,

      I don’t have a special needs child, but I have 2 nephews and a niece. I usually give books or clothes for Christmas, gifts that are usually either appreciated or really useful.

      Thanks for reading.


  6. Love You Forever is such a great book!  It’s the kind of book to pass on through the generations.  There are so many other great suggestions here as well.

    I’ve worked with special needs children and, adults that instantly light up with gifts of a musical nature. 

    I grew up in a small town just as you described.  You have to search far and wide for that village in the times we live in now but, they are out there still.  I still take up any opportunity to read to the young & the elderly.  Like music it really communicates on another level.  

    You really sent me back in time with the picture you painted.  Thank you for the excellent suggestions and, moreover, thank you for the work you do.  

    My brother is an adult now and, also special needs/functional autistic.  He has always been my best friend.  I’m glad I instinctively knew how to put a smile on his face (and, still do.)  He was an outcast growing up and, there was little information that wasn’t fear based back in my day.  

    Singing, dancing and reading.  This was the formula I used with him and, still, to this day, it’s the best medicine for us both <3

    • Hi Fyre,

      I’m happy that we have so many things in common, including having a sibling with special needs. My sister though passed away already. 

      Putting up this website in her memory is the best thing that I’ve done and will continue to do to honor her memory.

      I’ve always loved books to give as gifts for Christmas.

      Thanks for sharing and reading.


  7. Hi Marita and thank you for a wonderful blog. I have been trawling the internet for gifts for my nieces and nephews and it is so refreshing to come across a site that actually has affordable products. With a large tribe to buy for it can get expensive and stressful this time of year so I really thank you for that.

    One of the kids I am buying for is developmentally challenged (I think that’s the correct term) and obviously trying to get him to engage can be difficult. I am thinking to get him the colouring in crayons and a book so he can have his quiet time when he needs but still be creative. 

    My niece will love the huggy bear backpack, it’s just gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her smile on Christmas Day when she opens her present.

    Thanks again for the ideas, most appreciated.

    • Hi Heidi,

      I know how you feel, buying gifts can be overwhelming. Sometimes, I just buy the same gifts for kids of the same age, so I don’t have to stress a lot!

      Yes, for developmentally challenged kids, those crayons and books would definitely help them with engagement and focus.

      I also love the huggy bear backpack, it would feel relaxing to be hugged in your back.

      Thanks for reading.


  8. Hey Pangga,

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year!!! I’m so glad you have given us a list of toys to include everyone!! And by buying these it also helps your town!! That’s great!!

    You mentioned that these would be good for special needs children but I also think any child would love them!!

    You have done a very good job so thank you very much.

    Don’t you think these could also be used as birthday parties too?


    • Hi Elaine,

      Yes, these gifts would be great for any kid and for birthday presents, too!

      We are all excited for Christmas because this is the best time for our families to get together and we feel love all around. But of course, it’s Jesus’ birthday, thus it’s so special.

      BTW, I’m not Pangga , lol! That’s my sister whom this website is dedicated.



  9. Hi,

    These sure are some nice gifts for kids with special needs and do you know what? They definitely do deserve them! 

    I personally think that huggable toys and music instruments are fantastic Christmas gifts for these children but you can never go wrong with a good simple book!

    Keep up the good work.



    • Hi Miguel,

      Our special kids do deserve the best gifts out there, be they books, toys or musical instruments. They do appreciate anything for that matter.

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  10. Gifts melt the heart and are emotive when given in such manner.

    Gifts sare always special for kids. 

    Thanks for sharing the gift idea  in their special needs. 

    I like educational toys, Photo books and musical instruments. Photo and music with voice tone are very popular for them. They learn easily from these type of educational toys which are funny with voice tone.

    • Kids in general, including those with special needs love gifts. They get so excited opening their presents. And if they find toys that they love, they jump with joy.

      Thanks for reading.


  11. Thank you for such a post, Maria. I have 2 kids so I understand very well how important it is to make the kids feel how much you care and love them. Thank you for putting together a great list for special kids. I wish all kids on the world will enjoy a great Christmas they deserve.

    • Yes, making our kids feel special and loved through gifts is really important in their development. It’s not about the price of the gift, but your intention and how they feel about it.

      Thanks for passing by.


  12. This is really a big initiative that you have taken here. This is actually the first article I found about this specific topic. So many parents have trouble deciding what to get for their special kids for every Christmas but this article is the key for them. It is really nice of you for writing this article and sharing it.

    • Come Christmastime, parents feel overwhelmed and stressed about shopping gifts for their family, more so, if they have special kids. My website is dedicated to them so it is but fitting that I help the parents to choose wisely those gifts.

      Thanks for reading.


  13. These are some great gift ideas! I love the Dr Seuss book that you recommend; he’s a great read, especially at Christmas time. In fact, I watched the latest Grinch just recently and it reminded me of how much I love his work! I love how most of the gift ideas you give here have an educational or development theme to them; do you think there’s still a place for regular gifts that don’t have any special educational value? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Danny,

      Yes, Dr Seuss books are educational. I also love them ! They sound funny, too!

      I just emphasize here that gifts for special children need to be educational to help them improve their inadequacies.

      Of course kids love all toys for that matter, be they educational or not.

      Thanks for reading!


  14. Great list of Christmas gifts for children, I fall in love with so many gifts to buy here. I have two kids, a boy (4yrs) and a girl (6yrs). They are curious about everything and I can say, they are very easy to impress.  There are three things from your list that I would like to buy for them.

    1. The Theraputty- they love playing with motor and this will be a big gift for them especially the girl  

    2.Story books- they all love reading that they can go to bed as late as 00:00hrs, reading. 

    3.And new shoes and cloth of course, that’s pretty obvious  

    Thank you so much for such a comprehensive list, it helped me a lot   

    • Yes, kids are so easy to please, they are so appreciative as well.

      Good choices, you have there for your gifts to your kids. You will earn another big, big hug if that happens.

      Thanks for reading.


  15. Books are a great gift for any child. I still read to my 10 year old everyday, even though she is a good reader. Kids like to hear their guardians voices tell all kinds of stories. 

    Is there a certain author that you know of that specializes in stories for children with specail needs? I would be intersted in learning more about what is best.

    • Hi James,

      Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a dad, who loves reading with her. I bet she always looks forward to your time reading together.

      I don’t know of any specific author who writes stories for special kids. But, when my son was younger, I used to read to him a lot of books by Robert Munsch, who writes some funny stories of everyday lives of kids;  he even uses the names of his children in his characters in the books.

      One of his book that’s really my favorite is Love You Forever ( mentioned in my post. ) I bet even grown-ups especially moms would really feel special and loved when reading this book.

      Thanks for passing by.


  16. What a great list of suitable gift ideas – I’ve been looking out for something like this for quite some time now. 

    I always like, if I can, to lean more toward the educational gifts for my kids when they are still young enough to enjoy them with me and my partner. So, with that in mind, I’ll be taking a closer look at your book section within this article. 

    Thank you so much for sharing. 

    • Hi  Chris,

      Books are also my favorite items to give as gifts. I usually find books that give moral lessons, so the recipient learns  those values.

      Even toys, as much as kids love them, I see to it that it’s educational.

      Thanks for reading.


  17. Hi; It was nice reading your article. I do agree that buying Christmas gift for your kid with special needs is of paramount importance. Giving a child the right toy can prove highly benegicial to the development of the child.

     Specially how some of the Toys these days are educational Toys. Even it does not show at a glance. Some of the Toys can teach kids a lot of things and in the way that the kids catch onto fast.

     do encourage parents who have kids with any form of disability to take the time and search for that special Toy that will make your kid happy through out the season and beyond. Happy shopping mama.


    • Hi Dorcas,

      Educational toys and books are the best gifts that parents can give for their child with special needs. There are a lot of choices out there, for sure and my list would answer their needs.

      Thanks for reading.


  18. I love the Christmas  season and it warms my heart that we get to give and put a smile on the faces of our loved ones and others that we choose to give to, despite that , I still get overwhelmed trying to figure out what gifts to buy. I am extremely thankful for your article because i can pick any of the gifts you have listed here and they will be perfect for all the little ones in my life.

    Would you please do a list of games that family can play together during the festive season that can involve children with special needs so they do not feel left out? I will be checking in regularly for more of your helpful lessons .

    • Hi Florence,

      Same with me, Christmas is very heartwarming for me because I feel love everywhere. People especially kids are always smiling or laughing, more so, when they open their presents.

      Families and friends get together, sometimes family or class reunions are held during this season.

      I’m happy that my article helped you in choosing gifts for your little ones.

      I will write a post on games that families can play together during the holiday season. It’s a nice idea, thanks!



  19. Thanks for posting! This is an extremely comprehensive article with plenty of great ideas. I love reading to and with my kids, so I immediately gravitated to the books section. Winnie the Pooh has always been a favorite of mine, and with the 5-minute stories, it’s a great way to introduce the kids to AA Milne’s creations, to then gradually move to the longer stories. The same with Dr. Seuss – start with the alphabet, and then eventually reach The Lorax! Thanks to your post, I’ll be re-thinking my Christmas list for the kids to include some more books. 

    Thanks agin, and all the best!


    • Hi Norman,

      I’m happy that I have inspired you to think more of books as gifts for your kids. They are very educational,  no doubt about that.

      When I’m in the bookstore, even if it’s still not Christmas, or even after the season,I usually buy kid’s books even adults’ when I see those that are on sale, so if I need a present for someone’s birthday and of course for Christmas, I have a book that’s handy to give.

      Thanks for reading!


  20. Hello,

    I am surprised by all the diversity of gifts we can give to our children, with special needs.

    I like them all I would choose the one of the bear that is hanging on the back. 

    I also find something that would keep your thoughts very busy are the puzzles.

    I remember that they were the ones I liked the most. 

    Surely anyone that we choose and give heart to give our children, a great joy.

    Thanks for sharing and Regards!


    • Hi Claudio,

      Children are so easy to please, especially those with special needs, so anything that you offer them will give them so much pleasure.

      Yes, the weighted huggy bear back pack is something that is so beneficial for these kids because it will give them comfort and will allay their fears and anxieties .The puzzles are very educational and will also improve their fine motor skills.

      Thanks for the visit.

      God bless,


  21. I love the drum set, because it’s going to make a little a boy a happy one.  One of my friends has a three year old boy called Steven and he was born with special needs.  He is one of the happiest kids that I have ever met.  I buy him books all time and he loves it when I read them to him, but for Christmas the drum set is going to be an excellent gift for him.

    Great Christmas Article


    • Hi Dora,

      For sure, Steven will love the drum set, aside from giving him joy with the beating, it will improve his fine motor skills as well. 

      With constant playing, his focus will be much improved, too, as well as his engagement. His family will be happy as well following his development of love for music.

      Steven is lucky to have a very loving and generous friend in you.

      Thanks for reading.



  22. You have some great ideas for Christmas presents for children with special needs.

    As someone who has taught special needs children, I completely agree that they respond really well to toys which will stimulate their senses, particularly sight and sound, and don’t forget that touch is also very important to children who may have one or more of their other senses impaired.

    I think that many of your suggestions will definitely appeal to any child if they are given to them at an age-appropriate time, and toys which develop their motor skills are great. And I like your choice of books too, and agree that reading with children is so important.

    I wish you and your family the very best for the Christmas season.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie,

      Sensory toys are so important for our children with special needs,  as well as fidgety toys ( not mentioned in this post though ) because they help them focus and become calmer.

      And of course parents need to give them books, as well,  to improve their communication skills and enhance their bonding moments.

      May you enjoy your holidays as well.

      Thanks for reading.

      God bless,


  23. Honestly, this is a great eyes opening to most parents especially myself this coming Christmas. I remember when I was young , all my parents would love to buy for me during Christmas is clothes but I use to envy other children with different colourful toys or fire works..This amazing website has just refreshen my memories to what and what should my children expect during Christmas. It really speaks the deepest desires of kids and their hidden expectations from their lovely parents during Christmas.. Kudos.

    • I agree, children love toys more than clothes or money during Christmas, so I suggest and if parents can afford, give them not only clothes or books, but toys as well. They usually forget about them though after a few days or weeks, but the happiness when they open their present is incomparable. They would even hug you and jump with joy if they really love the toy that you give them.

      THanks for visiting.


  24. Thanks for sharing this. I myself grow up from the Philippines and I can relate with your experience growing up. I still actually miss having Christmas back home as it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! I miss the family reunion and the fun times spent with relatives and loved ones.

    We recently had an addition to our family of a child with special needs. I will definitely be referring to your suggestions here when contemplating on what to give as a gift to him.

    I also admire the cause that your driving for in your website. Keep it up and may God bless your generous heart! Cheers!

    • Hi Mark,

      Happy to know a “kababayan”  here and like you, I miss spending Christmas back home. 

      Luckily, this year, I’m going home with my son and I’m getting excited as the days are drawing near of our departure. 

      What I miss most are the kids doing carolling every night even though they keep on returning and singing the same songs. Funny, but sometimes irritating, lol!

      Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He is God’s precious gift! Taking care of him will surely be a challenge but nothing can replace the joy that you will feel when the time comes that he will give you hugs and kisses everyday. They are so loving and caring.

      Thanks for visiting, for your nice comments, and good wishes.

      “Pangga ta ikaw”  is a legacy that will continue for years to come.

      God bless,


  25. WOW! So many ideas…  I think the weighted huggy bear backpack would be a great  gift for any child. Musical instruments are fantastic too, I’m not so sure about the drums though…  There would definitely need to be some time limit rules. Books have always a favorite with my kids, maybe not so much the book but the special reading time they get.

    • Hi Robb,

      I hear you, when the kid loves the drums, there will come a time that it will get annoying when he’ll just play with it anytime that he wants, for as long as he pleases.  That’s where you have to set time limits.

      Yes, books are always appreciated by our kids and they love huddling close to their parents when they read together. It’s a very special bonding moment. 

      And the weighted huggy bear backpack will definitely be a hit for our child with special needs.

      Thanks for reading.


  26. I have been an uncle/godfather to a special needs girl for 25 years and for a few years it took me a bit to learn how to buy for her.

    However after that and right up until now it has been very easy to buy for her.  You see these kids arent about money and gifts.  They are about love.  So for every stuffed animal, bracelet or anything else she always gets hugs and always gives hugs.

    This is a great article and everyone should read it.


    • Hi Dale,

      Children with special needs are very easy to please, such that we need to really choose gifts that would help them improve their inadequacies such as educational toys and books. 

      Like you said, giving them something is all about love-they always show their appreciation in whatever you give them.

      Thanks for reading.


  27. Gifts are always special for emotional touch specially for kids. Thanks for sharing some nice gift for kids of their special needs. I like educational toys, Photo books and musical instruments here. I already bought some of these toys for my children. Photo and music with voice tone are very popular for them. They learn easily from these type of educational toys which are funny with voice tone.

    • Glad that you have bought gifts for your kids, Christmas really is all about giving our kids what they want for this festive season.

      Thanks for your appreciation.



  28. hi there! What an informative list for kids with special needs. I find they are the tricky one to buy. I grew up with my older sister who has special needs. I am from Thailand, so back then there was nothing really that we can get her for her special needs. If there were some that i was not aware of, if there were it was probably be very pricy since we had to import toys from other countires, we still do now.

    The reviews on each toy is amazing so now I can get the right one for the right child. 

    Great article and great selection. Thank you for making my shopping way much easier.

    • I know, we tend to think that it’s hard to choose gifts for kids with special needs. It is the opposite, actually, they are so easy to please. It’s like anything goes, they will appreciate anything that you give them.

      Too bad, your toys in Thailand are imported which makes them expensive. 

      We have online shopping now, so shopping is easier.

      Glad that I’m of help to you.

      Thanks for reading.


  29. This is a very eye opening and helpful article that you created. I think I know what I’ll be getting a couple of my nieces and nephews this Christmas. I like how you stated that when you were young everyone around each other knew each other and it was so easy back then, I definitely agree! I remember when it was easy back when I was living with a community and neighborhood of people that all knew each other. Sometimes we’d share gifts with our neighbors that’s how close it was. It’s really important that we make it as educational as it can be so a spark of creativity and imagaination can be connected to as you mentioned. Ive seen a couple of my nephews reading more often as they are getting older, so a book is in the works. Thank you for sharing a load of options in your article! 

    • Hi Michael,

      I also prefer giving books to kids because it’s so fulfilling to see them grow up and loving reading all the time.

      For our kids with special needs, even though they are non-verbal, if parents read to them, they will improve their communication skills through constant reading.

      I truly miss my simple life in our hometown where people know each other, talk with each other even in the streets or in front of their homes. 

      I’m fortunate because this Christmas, I’m going home with my pre-teen son and we will be hearing again kids singing carols from house to house and see those awesome decors in the neighborhood houses.

      Thanks for reading.



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